There are ways you can encourage healthy living in the Health District. Organizations’ policies and requirements may differ, so specific guidance may be necessary. For instance, UAB Hospital and Children’s of Alabama will offer limited designated smoking areas. At these locations, information and resources to help people quit smoking will be present, including 1-800-QUIT-NOW promotion and information about Children’s of Alabama’s nicotine replacement therapy program. While the Birmingham Veterans Affairs Medical Center and University of Alabama at Birmingham university campus will not offer designated smoking areas, they will offer smoking cessation resources.

If you want to encourage healthy living and compliance with the Health District ordinance, here are some general things you can do or say to help:

  • “This area is part of the smoke-free Health District in a city ordinance. Information about areas where smoking is allowed nearby can be found at That website will also tell you where you can find resources like nicotine replacement therapy in the smoke-free district.”
  • Engage your Human Resources, Patient Resources, Student Affairs departments in establishing organization-specific ways to encourage healthy living on campus.
  • Know and share smoking/tobacco cessation resources offered by organizations partnering in the Health District initiative.
  • Employers may choose to provide digital or printed communication resources.
  • Encourage employees to comply with organizational policies/city ordinance part of performance reviews and/or goal setting.
  • Display “Live HealthSmart” signage at your office, building, etc.
  • Share news stories about the Health District with your colleagues and friends.